Industrial Products

For over 90 years, our premium industrial products have been trusted by companies all over the world. They are being used in baked goods, cereals, confectionary products, nut mixes, and many other high-quality culinary pleasures produced by some of the most renowned global food brands.

Sun-Maid takes pride in its commitment to quality, the experience gained over almost a century of serving commercial customers, and its ability to produce the ingredients that best meet your needs.

Sun-Maid operates the largest raisin packing facility in the world. We have the capacity and flexibility to quickly service customers globally. Our full-time staff of technical support personnel provides our customers with laboratory analysis and knowledgeable assistance in the use of our products.

Sun-Maid offers a complete range of custom-tailored raisins, raisin juice concentrate, and raisin paste. Through continuous research and the application of cutting-edge technology, we accomplish the most - for us and for you. Our efforts in product safety, traceability, and research and development are unmatched in the industry and help us achieve our goal - to provide you, the customer, with the best possible product, information, and problem-solving capabilities.

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For an overview of our industrial product range, click here.

For an overview of our industrial product range.