Healthy Living
Sun-Maid raisins meet the healthy living guidelines for the daily eating of more fruits and vegetables and less processed flour, sugar-added drinks, and meat. A balanced diet and moderate exercise is available - and recommended - for all, no matter how hectic or how casual their lifestyles. Sun-Maid is proud that its iconic image of a red box of raisins is included in the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) new food pyramid to represent raisins and dried fruits.

Development of technologies and more options in transportation have brought convenience, prosperity, and many good things to people's lives. That same modernization over time has removed physical activity from daily routines, sometimes resulting in poorer health and obesity.

Experts encourage people to increase their daily servings of fruit and dried fruit.

Raisins and dried fruits are completely natural foods, the perfect companions to healthier living. Raisins are a high-energy food, providing natural sugars, potassium, and the fiber and tartaric acid necessary to keep digestive systems healthy. Plus, they are the most concentrated, commonly available fruit source for baking, quick additions to other food items, and snacking.

Just 1.5 oz of Sun-Maid raisins equals one complete fruit serving.

Recent health findings:
  • Adolescent soccer players who ate raisins during game breaks in a study showed significantly higher blood sugar levels at the end of the game.
  • Compared to other common snacks, raisins did not trigger the "let down" or low energy response found a few hours later with the other snacks, among people tested.
  • Potassium, a key nutrient in raisins, may help reduce the risk of stroke, lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart arrhythmias, and prevent some types of kidney disease.
  • Adding just 3 ounces of raisins daily to the diet may prevent constipation and protect against some colon diseases.
Grapes and Sunshine
Sunlight travels 93 million miles to turn our grapes into Sun-Maid Raisins. And that's all we put in grapes and sunshine.
History of Raisins and Dried Fruit
From ancient Egypt to traveling in space, read the history of raisins and dried fruit.
Frequently Asked Questions
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