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Natural Seedless Select Natural Seedless Select
Naturally sun-dried Thompson seedless raisins. This size represents approximately 75% of the raisin crop. It is our most popular raisin for baking, chocolate coating, cereals, or eating out of hand. 800-1,200 berries per pound.
  Golden Fancy Thompson Seedless   Golden Fancy Thompson Seedless
Made from Thompson seedless grapes that are specially treated with sulphur dioxide, then tunnel dried to develop a golden color. Sun-Maid Goldens are of the highest quality and are used primarily for cooking and baking. Not size graded.

Extra Moist Raisins Extra Moist Raisins
Moisture rich raisins, ideal for many uses. Extra moisture means a longer shelf life and increased flavor. Available in Select and Midget sizes that makes them preferred for many uses.
  Fine Grind Raisin Paste   Fine Grind Raisin Paste
Made from naturally sun-dried Thompson seedless raisins meeting USDA grade B standard, with nothing added. This product has a fine particle size that allows for even distribution throughout the finished product, with minimal raisin particle definition.

Natural Seedless Midgets Natural Seedless Midgets
Naturally sun-dried Thompson seedless raisins with smaller berry size than Select or Cereal. Used in baked, confectionery or cereal products by industrial manufactuers. 1,600-2,400 berries per pound.
  Raisin DLite   Raisin DLite
Versatile and innovative fat replacer. Ideally suited for a wide range of baked goods. Raisin DLite also offers mold inhibiting qualities, which help to extend shelf life without adding preservatives.

Zante Currants Zante Currants
Naturally sun-dried from the Black Corinth grape. Very dark in color. and one-fourth the size of the average Thompson seedless raisin. The Zantes tart, tangy flavor makes it popular in baking and cooking. They are the traditional ingredient in hot cross buns. 3,500-5,000 berries per pound.
  Raisin Juice Concentrate   Raisin Juice Concentrate
Raisin Juice Concentrate is a natural product that contains no preservatives or additives. It is a pure extract from raisins. All Raisin Juice Concentrate is manufactured to meet a standard of 70 Brix.